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Monday, 19 June 2017

Various Artists - Decca Originals - The Psychedelic Scene Flac & mp3

This is from a series called ''Decca Originals - The Scene'' as far i know and have nine volumes i believe.
I am not sure because i have only seven volumes and i am too lazy to google around. I will look if a friend of mine can give me the missing two volumes.  Today i post ''Decca Originals - The Psychedelic Scene''. It's a fine collection of the psychedelic scene from the sixties. Here is the track list and i hope you will like it. Tomorrow the next volume will follow.

Have fun
               Frank    Flac p1  &  Flac p2     - mp3@320

Great Powerpop by We All Together - We All Together ll 1974 Flac & mp3

Their second and final album strongly echoes late-period Beatles, particularly Paul McCartney; in fact, it often seems pitched about midway between the 1969 and 1970 Beatles and the beginning of McCartney's solo career. Although it's hard to shake the nagging feeling while listening to this that it's somehow been created by a cover band who got access to discarded early-'70s McCartney demos, it's a convincing and enjoyable emulation of Lennon & McCartney's pop/rock craftsmanship, if more lightweight, less cogent and personal, and lacking in truly world-class tunes.

It's on a much higher plateau than Klaatu, for instance. And the Beatles aren't the sole point of reference; guitar riffs on "Follow Me If You Can," for instance, have been altered just enough from Yes' "Roundabout" to avoid plagiarism, while the full guitars and harmonies on many cuts will appeal to many a Badfinger fan. The CD reissue has five bonus cuts, some quite worthwhile. On "Rock of Ages," they offer a surprisingly convincing raunchy rocker, in contrast to their usual midtempo blends of voice, guitar, piano, and some orchestration; Carlos Guerrero's "Together Forever" and "It's Us Who Say Goodbye" are in the mold of folky White Album ballads like "I Will" and "Julia"; and there's a faithful version of McCartney's "Band on the Run," not exactly a common cover choice for bands of the time.(allmusic)

We All Together's second album is as strong as the first work of the band. Still more comes the strong influence of the Beatles here in the songs to a good hearing. In my opinion not one weak song here. If you liked the first album or the singles i posted before here you will like this, too.

Enjoy it
             Frank   Flac p1Flac p2       mp3@320

Fortune & Maltese And The Phabulous Pallbearers ‎– Konquer Kampus (1996 Hillside Records) Flac & mp3

First time i looked at the cover i thought it is an early sixties thing but it isn't. Naturally not. It is retro from the package to the music (not the price, lol) but it's very well done. The band really kicks ass with that Farfisa driven dance sound. To me this is a real good thing. It makes fun fun fun.
Give it a try if you don't know the album.

          Frank                   Flac p1 & Flac p2       mp3@320

Psychedelic Pop/Rock 1968: The Rainbow Press - There Is A War Going On 1968 (2006 Radioactive) Flac & mp3

This extremely short-lived band released two studio albums in their active period. This debut of theirs is probably the more famous of the two records but it's still a quite forgotten album as well. The Rainbow Press plays a nice mix of psych rock and pop psychedelia with some baroque influences here and there.

Although their sound is quite soft and pop oriented some of the tracks include some strong fuzzy guitarwork. Although the material gets a bit weaker on the second side I still would call this as a solid LP. The best songs here are very good and the weakest are pretty decent as well.(excerpt by CooperBolan,reader of rateyourmusic)  

It's a really nice pop psychedelia work from 1968.
Hope you have fun
           Frank         Flac p1  &  Flac p2      - mp3@320