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Saturday, 1 July 2017

Sunshine/Bubblegum Pop by Yellow Balloon - Yellow Ballon 1967 (1998 Sundazed) Flac

Hello Folks, i posted this album around a half year earlier here. But now i post it once again, this time in Flac format. The album is a piece of sunshine surf bubblegum pop with some fine tracks on it if you like this kind of music.

The Yellow Balloon was Don Grady's (Robbie on TV's My Three Sons) rock & roll group, but even more important, the brainchild of California producer Gary Zekley. Not unlike a Gary Usher, Zekley could grab a bunch of musicians and -- filling in the needed holes with his own talent -- produce sessions that rivaled Phil Spector or Brian Wilson for big sound and teen spirit. Grady had already been recording for the same label with his own group, the Windupwatch Band, when Zekley started climbing the charts with "Yellow Balloon," creating a need for a new group to go with the hit.

Grady became the drummer and other members were recruited from various bands around the country, but in the studio, it was still Zekley's show all the way. This 20-track compilation brings together the 11 tracks from the Yellow Balloon's 1967 album, along with the Don Grady with the Windupwatch Band singles (also released on the same Canterbury label), a couple of unreleased demos, and an interview with the late Gary Zekley putting it all in perspective.(allmusic)

Enjoy it
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XTC - Homegrown - The Wasp Star Home Demos (Wasp Star: Apple Venus, Vol. 2) 2001 Flac & mp3@320

Anyone expecting Wasp Star: Apple Venus, Vol. 2 to continue the majestic acoustic-orchestral blends of Apple Venus will be disappointed, because it's a straightforward collection of sharp, witty, well-constructed pop songs. Directness is perhaps the oddest thing about Wasp Star - it's unassuming pop from a band that operated on a conceptual plain for nearly 20 years. It could be argued that all the songs that fit a dark, introspective mood went to Apple Venus, XTC's first album after seven years in exile, while Wasp Star wound up as a clearinghouse for everything else. If that is true, it ignores a basic fact -- XTC's leftovers are better than most band's keepers. "Leftovers" isn't quite an accurate term, either. These songs are orphans, tunes without a particular project, which may mean that Wasp Star is an album of moments, but there's plenty to cherish here.

Colin Moulding is in fine shape, with the spare "Boarded Up" and the clever "Standing in for Joe." Andy Partridge has a few tricks up his sleeve -- his compositions are heavy on electric guitars, he builds "Wounded Horse" around a blues riff, and "You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful" is just about the breeziest thing he's ever written -- but for the most part, he's in pop craftsman mode, turning out expert, layered tunes that may not push his talents but certainly exploit his capabilities to their fullest. After all, most pop bands would give their eyeteeth to have songs as smart, melodic, and memorable as "Playground," "Stupidly Happy," "My Brown Guitar" and "I'm the Man Who Murdered Love" as their orphans -- and if these constitute an average XTC album, that's a testament to what a terrific band they are.(allmusic)

No reason to be disappointed. Sure the first volume of the Apple Venus demos kicked me somewhere into the universe but...Ladies and Gentleman here they are, the greatest pop band alive: XTC! Beside other wonderful stuff here is a lot of first class pop stuff and like it was said in the review, this is no ''Leftover'' stuff. Here are great pop songs in the demos. Vol.2 is another kind of ''popular'' music as Vol.1 but definitely top notch pop music and also highly recommended.

Have fun
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XTC - Homespun - The Apple Venus Volume I Home Demos (Limited Edition) 1999 Flac & mp3

Seven years is a long time between records, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that Apple Venus is a significant step forward from Nonsuch, but the sparse strings and circular arrangements of "River of Orchids" nevertheless come as a shock, especially since its slow build-up feels as ominous and intellectual as 20th century classical music. It provides the keynote for the album, setting the stage for an ambitious, unpredictable, and strangely beautiful record. Although there are similarities with the pastoral Skylarking or parts of Nonsuch, there is really no comparable record in XTC's canon, given its sustained mood, experimentalism, and glimpses of confession. Colin Moulding wrote the brightest tunes on the record, and while the bouncy "Frivolous Tonight" and "Fruit Nut" will be endearing to any longtime XTC fan, they don't fit the tone of Apple Venus, which feels like an Andy Partridge solo album -- not just a confessional, but a grand outpouring of ideas. Partridge insisted that Apple Venus be released in two parts -- Gregory left partially because he believed the album would be stronger if it was consolidated to one record -- presumably because all his songs on Pt. 1 are of a piece, sharing similar lyrical and musical themes. Split between orchestral and acoustic pop, Apple Venus is alternately lush and melancholy, sometimes within one song. Some of Partridge's darkest work is here, such as the vindictive "Your Dictionary," yet the album overall has a hopeful note -- the perfect aural encapsulation of their long, bitter struggle of the '90s. The strike was frustrating for the band and fans alike, but perhaps the extended layoff paid off in sharpening Partridge's focus, since Apple Venus, Pt. 1 easily ranks as one of XTC's greatest works.(allmusic)

Don't get me wrong, this is not the official album, these are home demos. And they are REALLY FANTASTIC. This band is maybe as great as the ......
Nearly 6 stars of possible 6 stars.
Anyway these demos are highly recommended. Grab it!

Have fun
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At Request: Lonnie Mack - Lonnie On The Move (1992 Ace Records, UK) Only Flac

These 19 Flying V-soaked sides pack the same punch and hail from the same mid-'60s timeframe as Mack's seminal LP Wham of That Memphis Man. He unleashes his vibrato-drenched axe on the torrid "Soul Express," "Lonnie on the Move," "Florence of Arabia," and an astonishing instrumental version of "Stand by Me" that'll send aspiring guitarists' jaws crashing to the floor. For a change of pace, "Men at Play" mines a jazzy walking groove to equally satisfying ends.(allmusic)

Believe me Folks, if you don't know this guy or this collection, this is really great and i love this very much. But usually this is not really a album for a blog like this. But it's a request and because i like this also i break my own rules :-) . Anyhow here it is and maybe some of you will like it, too. This post is only in Flac.

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