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Friday, 14 July 2017

Power Pop by Nineties Power Popsters Fastball - Little White Lies (2009) Flac & mp3@320

Fastball spent much of the 2000s rather quietly but they were hardly the only '90s alt rock band to be in seclusion. The fallout of the alt rock explosion led to lots of bands being written off as one-hit wonders -- sometimes fairly, sometimes not -- and the vagaries of the music business sometimes suggest that a band had faded out when they're just taking a break, as Fastball did during the bulk of the decade. Once they left the major leagues, they released Keep Your Wig On on Rykodisc in 2004 then took an extended break, reconvening in 2009 for Little White Lies, an album that suggests that the band might be better off now that the spotlight isn't shining directly upon them. Little White Lies is stripped-down and simple, a brisk, muscular guitar pop record that showcases their melodic strengths in a way none of their other records do.
More than ever, Fastball sounds like a classicist pop band in the best possible sense: they build upon tradition without being beholden to it, and the unadorned production draws attention to their nicely structured tunes and finely honed performances. This might not be a knockout; it's something better -- a quietly assured record that finds Fastball confident and mature, reaching a new pop peak.(allmusic)

This is a very very good pop album and the influence of the fab four is still listenable i.e. 'She's got the rain'' or also ''Rampart street'' and ''Soul Radio''. If you like well written and performed pop songs grab it.

Enjoy Frank   Flac p1  & Flac p2    -  mp3@320

Sparks - Kimono My House 1974 Flac & mp3

Arguably one of Sparks' best albums, 1974's Kimono My House finds the brothers Mael (Ron wrote most the songs and played keyboards, while Russell was the singing frontman) ingeniously playing their guitar- and keyboard-heavy pop mix on 12 consistently fine tracks. Adding a touch of bubblegum, and even some of Zappa's own song-centric experimentalism to the menu, the Maels spruce up a sleazy Sunset Strip with a bevy of Broadway-worthy performances here: as the band expertly revs up the glam rock-meets-Andrew Lloyd Webber backdrops, Russell sends things into space with his operatic vocals and ever-clever lyrics.

And besides two of their breakthrough hits (the English chart-toppers "This Town Ain't Big Enough for Both of Us" and "Amateur Hour"), the album features one of their often-overlooked stunners, "Here in Heaven." Essential.(allmusic)

I'll never will forget that moment as i heard the first time the jingle e piano and the dramatic vocals over the melody line...''Zoo 'she and you time'...''  and than ''Heartbeat, increasing heartbeat
You hear the thunder of stampeding rhinos, elephants and tacky tigers''. It kicked me for around three minutes to a place who believers call heaven. I know everything of that little moment after nearly 45 years. So great. A song for the eternity. They never did a song like that again. They have done a lot of great pop music but i think this is their best album they ever made. This is real pop opera. The album is extraordinary in many kind of ways. Hope you like it.
Have fun
               Frank   Flac p1  & Flac p2       mp3@320

Summer Wine (with Tony Rivers) - The Fabulous Summer Wine 1971-1973 (EM Records 1999 Japan) Flac & mp3

The history of Summer Wine starts in the early 60's with Tony Rivers and The Castaways then through the second half of that decade with Harmony Grass. In 1970 Tony Rivers and Castaway member JOHN PERRY were working regulary providing harmonies on numerous artists recording sessions. During the course of this work they met up with RAY FENWICK (fresh from Tee Set and Spencer Davis Group) and producer extraordinaire Mike Hurst to record a version of ""Why Do Fools Fall In Love"" which was released under the name Summer Wine.

The single did nothing in the UK but made the USA Top 100. Between summer 1971 and summer 1972 the band continued to record even though it was never their intention to perform the songs live. Whilst two other singles were released and as was the case in those days, no hit single-no album these tracks have never before been released in the UK as Summer Wine until now.(Editorial Review)

Summer Wine was a further top notch project by Tony Rivers. Not only but also because the high class musicians around him this is a wonderful pop effort. Modern seventies doo wop sounds and a high class pop songwriting paired with top notch - sometimes BB like- vocals made this songs in my ears to an absolute marvelous top seventies pop collection. The name of the band is a 100% bulls eye hit: ''Summer Wine''. Just great. Cheers!

         Frank   Flac p1Flac p2 & Flac p3        mp3@320

At Request: Roger Glover & Friends - The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast 1974 (Repertoire Records) Flac & mp3@320

Of all the multitudinous highways and byways down which the enterprising Deep Purple collector can travel, none, perhaps, is so surprising as The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast, Purple bassist Roger Glover's first "solo" album, and -- almost incidentally -- one of the most delightful children's records ever made. Yes, a children's record. In 1973, Glover was approached about creating a musical adaptation of artist Alan Aldridge and poet William Plomer's book of the same name -- a commission that surprised him, but which he nevertheless accepted. The book itself is delightful and, while Glover's work is unquestionably more heavily flavored by the near-psychedelia of the illustrations, the spirit of the text is retained as well, to create an album that stands among the few truly successful musical adaptations of an existing story yet committed to vinyl. Although Glover, as the album's premier composer, takes the bulk of the credit for this success, his co-conspirators, too, merit praise. Convening what resembles one of the greatest all-star lineups in heavy metal history -- and then banning them from even glancing toward their usual territory -- Glover is joined by Purple stalwarts David Coverdale and Glenn Hughes, future Rainbow frontman Ronnie James Dio, session stars Eddie Hardin and Tony Ashton, soul singer Jimmy Helms, Roxy Music's Eddie Jobson and John Gustafson, and three quarters of funk-rock aspirants Fancy. Each was given his own role to play and the resultant album is a tremendous mishmash of musical styles, from folky balladeering to psychedelic whimsy, but leaning most heavily toward an early-'70s pop/rock vibe -- for some reason, one could imagine the early Queen spending an awful lot of time listening to The Butterfly Ball and the Grasshopper's Feast. Given the heavily narrative nature of the project, it is best listened to in one session -- a handful of tracks certainly exist more to carry the tale than make a musical impact.
Highlights, however, leap out from across the platter, with the macabre "Old Blind Mole" and the positively buoyant "Love Is All" the twin extremes around which the action revolves. Gustafson's hard rock "Watch out for the Bat," meanwhile, must surely have induced nightmares within the album's younger fans, while Dio's closing "Homeward" all but predicts the course of arena rock during the '80s. [The original vinyl packs 19 tracks; the 25th-Anniversary CD adds one, the European B-side "Little Chalk Blue," together with a fabulous enhanced multimedia clip ("Love Is All" again) taken from a projected animated TV series. It's a great package, as well as a chance to reacquaint yourself with one of childhood's most treasured tales.] (allmusic)

I remember the Single ''Love Is All'' at the time i was eleven and it was a big hit in the radio station i mainly listened at the time. I loved that song and from my small pocket money i buyed the single. The album i never heard at the time because at that time then i was still a ''Single-Boy''. My time of listening to longplayers hadn't come yet. Anyway a nice guy requested this album and i think it could be a good idea. If you don't know the album maybe you give it a try because this is completely different stuff from what Roger Glover did with Deep Purple

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Part4 Of 5 - Cilla Black - Completely Cilla 1963-1973 (2012 EMI Records 5CD Box) Flac & mp3@320

Here comes the fourth part of the box. I think i will post the last fifth part either later today or tomorrow. I am not sure 'cause i want to post some other nice (hopefully :-) ) albums and i also have a little work here in the house. We will see.
Have fun
cheers Frank 
                       Flac p1 Disc4 & Flac p2 Disc4Flac p3 Disc4       -   mp3@320 Disc4


Part3 Of 5 - Cilla Black - Completely Cilla 1963-1973 (2012 EMI Records 5CD Box) Flac & mp3@320

Good Morning, Good Day, Good Evening wherever you are. Once again it's nearly weekend and i assume we're all happy about it and can enjoy a well deserved two day break of work (at least in far parts of the world) or how long it last in your country.And that's what i wanna wish all of you; Hours of relaxing, loving, laughing, enjoying the sun, enjoying the rain, enjoying the time you are together with the people you love and and and all what you love and like the most. And maybe you will take time to listen a little more to the box of this very lovely lady of Liverpool.

I confess i haven't heard the complete box no more for a very long time. Only one disc here one disc there from time to time. And sure in times like this where music is available everywhere that fast like never before in the history of mankind sometimes is hard not to jump from one artist and his/her music to another. I think it's very important, in our times where the speed of life is so fast, to slow down in particular parts of our life. And that was it whereby the box remembered me: To cool down the pace and listen to the music. Long story short: i listened to the whole box and it was a great fun.
On the box are songs who don't catch me but a huge amount of the around 140 songs have a magic appeal to all my musical senses. And there are some real killer gems on the five discs. Take time and find yours. 

A lot fun and a great weekend
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