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Wednesday, 6 September 2017

'60s Garage: The Chocolate Watchband - No Way Out...Plus 1967 (1993 Big Beat) Flac & mp3@320

The Chocolate Watchband's debut album, No Way Out was also their most heavily Rolling Stones-influenced album, but appreciating the album and what's on it (and what's not) requires some explanation. Released in September of 1967, No Way Out came at the end of the band's first 15 months of existence, a period that encompassed the recording and release of four singles of generally extraordinary quality, and as good as anything heard from any garage band anywhere during that period.
Just two of those single tracks, "Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)" and "No Way Out," ended up on the original ten-track LP, but even they could (and should) have been the core of an immensely powerful LP. Instead, out of the remaining songs, only two -- the group's nicely cranked-up version of Chuck Berry's "Come On" and the psychedelic Bo Diddley-based "Gone and Passes By" -- were recorded by the entire group and released in the form intended.
The other six tracks included Watchband recordings, such as "Let's Talk About Girls," "In the Midnight Hour," and "Hot Dusty Road," on which lead singer David Aguilar's vocals had been replaced by those of session singer Don Bennett (co-author of the band's single "Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)") and also embellished with extra instrumental overdubs; two instrumentals, "Expo 2000" and "Dark Side of the Mushroom," recorded by a group of studio musicians put together by engineer Richie Podolor; and, finally, the bizarre "Gossamer Wings," a psychedelic digression by Bennett and company that used the band's basic track from the 1966 single B-side "Loose Lip Sync Ship" as its jumping-off point.
So what's here is not really representative of the Chocolate Watchband that was seen in the movie Riot on Sunset Strip, or heard on those four killer singles in 1966 and early 1967. All of that said, No Way Out is still an extremely impressive and enduring album that nicely straddles the garage punk and psychedelic genres; the four tracks cut by the band themselves are all highly potent, slashing, exciting, clever pieces of music. "Gone and Passes By" and "No Way Out" are sharp works of psychedelic punk music, the former mixing sitar music with a shimmering Bo Diddley beat to superbly seductive effect, while the latter is built on a twisting, jagged blues- and raga-based lead guitar line that recalls the late-1966 vintage Jefferson Airplane's work.
And "Are You Gonna Be There (At the Love-In)" is a stirring, even threatening anthem to youthful defiance. Of the rest, "Let's Talk About Girls" is still a very good track and a killer opener for the album, despite the tampering by the producers, and "In the Midnight Hour" and "Hot Dusty Road" are not too far behind. As for the instrumentals, "Dark Side of the Mushroom" and "Expo 2000" are decent filler, even if they have nothing to do with the band. So the record, though flawed from day one of its release history, is still an essential '60s album in any collection.. 

Great sixties garage album.
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Various Artists - Nederbeat '63 - '69 Dutch Nuggets Vol.1 & Vol.2 (4Discs) (2003 Hunter/Universal) Flac & mp3@320

Okay Folks here we go. I found no real good review and i think it's not real important to get a review. First most people here know these fantastic collections of dutch pop, rock, psychedelic garage music by- naturally- dutch bands and musicians of the sixties.

This are two volumes with four discs full of very nice, great, interesting music. I post it as usual in both mp3@320 and Flac. The edition is with complete artwork and the complete booklet. I will post in the next days  (if there is interest) the ''Nederbeat '63-'69 - Singles The B-Sides'' 2 cds who belongs together with this release in my opinion.

You will find here a lot of not that well known names like from the nederbeat series 2016/17 who featured rather well known bands and artists from the nederbeat music scene. That means not this bands aren't that good like the big bands of the dutch music scene of that time back then. Here is a lot of great music and i think you will like it. Some of the bands are The Shane, The Nicol, The First Move, The Dukes, Group Gloria, The Mods and a lot more. Don't miss it.

Have fun
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Ringo Starr - Ringo's Rotogravure 1976 (Atlantic Records) Flac & mp3

With songs written by his ex bandmates, always friends, the dramatic I'll Still Love You shines specially among them, but also Ringo's originals Cryin' and Lady Gaye are good reasons for buying this record. Most likely on LP(Walter S, allmusic user review)

The last excellent Ringo album. Ringo sounds like Ringo here with a nice relaxed low voice.(zapple 100, allmusic user review)

Hello Folks, after some days without posting Ringo Starr's discography today we jump back in the year 1976 to the follow-up album of Goodnight Vienna, his successful '74 abum. To my mind this is really a fine relaxed album (''You Don't Know me''- excellent here) and it is pretty balanced with the choice of the songs.This album shows quite good what Starr can do best with his music, to convey the listener a positive relaxed feeling. Well done, Mr Starr.

         Frank                                Flac part 1  &  Flac part 2          mp3@320